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Zahada - Challenging Riddles Hints and Tips (Bonus Levels + Special Levels)

If you are playing Zahada at, you may need this :)

Status: Phase 3 Completed.

Contact: For people who need quick help, you may mail me at, together with the level URL so that I can work along with you :)

General Hints: Always try to look at the "Title Bar" for any possible hints, and also don't forget to Right Click + "View Page Source" from the html page. Hints might just hide as comment in the source which can't be seen at all from the webpage. "CTRL + A" is also very useful to locate any white color text which posted in the page as hints. Last but not least, if there's an image in the level, always check the image name, some hint may just posted as the image name.

Level 1: There's no question in this level, but the answer is very obvious.

Level 2: Something that you and I having in one pair.

Level 3: Look at the edge.

Level 4: If you can solve Level 3, look for the same place for hint.

Level 5: 3rd line is the hint.

Level 6: How do you pronounce "empty"? Try CTRL + A for some surprise.

Level 7: You need to save this image and zoom into it in order to find the answer. Try focusing on the fin.

Level 8: Stationery? Stationary?

Level 9: There are not only text in the page :)

Level 10: 5 hints in total in this page. Answer is in 6 letters.

Level 11: There's something hiding within the picture, in binary. Try view the picture details in other way.

Level 12: You will NEVER find the answer from the page. Try viewing the page in other way.

Level 13: You need to Google out this one. The first few search results will give you the answer. Read carefully.

Level 14: Something to do with a day. Within the 7 days, but not the 7 days.

Level 15: A song? A person? Google it out!

Level 16: There's something not tally in this question, which happen to be the clue. The answer has to do with Science or Chemistry.

Level 17: Know where this beers from? If you do, read the title quickly, make sure you don't read the beer title.

Level 18: Check on the flag and the statement, it already spelled out the answer.

Level 19: This one a bit tricky. The line below reads the line before. Any clue?

Level 20: Think about Roman.

Level 21: There are 2 O's in this G company and 2 O's in this Y company. Both G company and Y company are doing the similar business, and if you know what I'm talking about, the answer is the Y company.

Level 22: It's not what you can see that counts? Count what you can't see then.

Level 23: This one is more tricky. The numbers simply means the level that you have tackled. Grab the first character of the answer from all the stated number. Form them together and you shall get almost 70% of the answer.

Level 24: Know all these brands? Chain up their first alphabet and Google for answer.

Level 25: Think you can figure out the pattern as you always did? Is not what your eyes can see, is where your fingers lay.

Level 26: Ignore the symbols. Go to Wikipedia, type in every single word you saw above the image, and you shall get one character each. Link them up to get the answer.

Level 27: I love this one. Apply the same way in level 24 and you shall get a jargon. It is a METHOD that we (at least I did) use to remember something. But one thing no longer counted in this something, what is this one thing?

Level 28: I can't do this without proper hints. Each picture represent something as: The can drink called Tango, Ritz London is a Hotel I guess, Leonardo is also known as Romeo while Maya Lopez known as Echo. The album name is Foxtrot, you know what the flag is, the little golden man call Oscar, while I have no idea what the marching men stands for, and the old man is the author of Les Misérables called Victor Hugo. Get it? Not yet. You will then get a series of numbers, convert these numbers to alphabet as we always did.

Level 29: Homophones mean words that sound almost the same such as dye and die. The first line is the guide, the second line is the answer.

Level 30: If you can solve Level 29, you should get the idea. Each line has 2 words which are homophones. Get the first character of each answer which form a 5-letter word. The title is a very good hint. Line 2 and 5 having homophones with different starting characters, take the one marked in red.

Level 31: What can you get when these 2 shapes added together? Quite obvious right. Search the brightest one.

Level 32: This is very tricky. Follow the number of steps taken but follow the opposite direction instead. Take every single word along the way and you shall get a sentence in 2 words. Google it out for the answer. You should know where to start.

Level 33: This is simple. Follow the calculation, produce the answer and read your answer in a different way :)

Level 34: I got huge stuck on this. The answer has 8 letters, which having 2 letter in each diagram. You need to cut off each diagram individually. You must cut according to the bolded line in order to fold out the answer, that is why you can zoom in this level so that you can see all the bolded line clearly. Did you see the yellow color boxes in each diagram, it says "FOLD". After cutting all the lines, you can start folding now, fold according to the color blocks and you will eventually get the F, O, L, D in a 3D block. Take note that all the blocks that you formed will have 2 boxes overlapping each other, the 2 letters are the answer for that respective block. Collect all 4 pairs of them and you shall get the answer.

Level 35: Read the first line backward and you shall see the instruction. Mark down the number for the bolded text and join them together to get an image. The answer is strongly related to this image. Have you ever read Da Vinci Code?

Level 36: This is much more tiring compare to Level 35. Read the line, remove any repeating characters and you shall get a 26-letter long jargon. Apply the same method in Level 35 and you shall get an image. The answer is what you see. Take note that "A" is not 26 this time.

Level 37: This is a mathematic calculation. Read out what ever you see and you shall form the calculation. The production of the calculation is the answer.

Level 38: What a numerical story telling. Count every numeric related word mentioned in the story. "A" doesn't count as 1. Google out for "Score" and "Gross" since each of them represent a number.

Level 39: "Blood Vessel" ~= Tube. "Scoundrel" should be easy to search. "Pyramids" means the location. "Concur" should be able to search just like how you search "Scoundrel". "Play with an oval ball", what ball is oval in shape and what is another 5-letter name for it? "Very Capable" means? Start with letter "A". After you get all the answer, look for the red border character and unscramble it into a meaningful word, similar meaning with "Explore". Got it? Put it as xxxxx.doc instead of xxxxx.html. Viola!

Level 40: Google out what "Monospaced" stands for. Then change the entire document font type to your search result and you shall get the answer.

Level 41: In this level, you need to copy out the text and paste it into a word processor. Arrange the text so that you can clearly see a text-formed box. There are few alphabets left outside the box. Grab these alphabets and unscramble it into the answer. You can get the work done easily by using this: If you are VERY sure with your answer, but you still get an error page then you should try read the hint for Level 42 below.

Level 42: This is a fake error page which is actually Level 42 itself. Refer the left corner and you shall see the level number. There are some hidden hints written in white in this page, which related to chemistry. Get the short form of each of them and it will lead you to the answer.

Level 43: Sign Language?! You may Google out the title and see what each sign means. Or if you want to skip your search, try this instead:

Level 44: I would say there are 3 parts in this level. A crossword puzzle, a 5 x 4 boxes with letter, and a maze. I didn't get the crossword complete, but all I did was start looking from the end of the crossword which lead to the 5 x 4 boxes with letter and to the beginning of the maze (diagonally), all the way to the end of the maze. Collect every "related" alphabet along your way and you shall get the clue. Perhaps you should understand what is m8 before thinking of the answer.

Level 45: Google for the noun given in this level and you shall get the answer. Make sure you know the answer format. The format was specified in the page in white.

Level 46: This is a 3D crosswords puzzle where your answer could be get from all 5 diagrams. Look for the white color text and you shall know that you are looking for 5 words. 1st word is in Diagram 1 (diagonal), 2nd word is in all 5 diagrams (vertical, start from diagram 1), 3rd word is in Diagram 5 (diagonal), 4th word is in diagram 5 (horizontal), ans 5th word is in all 5 diagrams (diagonal, start from diagram 5). These 5 words will form a question, and answering the question will lead you to next level.

Level 47: This is pretty easy. Google the entire sentence and you shall get the answer. There are 2 answers in this level. Answer that starts with "P" will lead you to Level 48a, while answer that starts with "S" will lead you to Level 48b.

Level 48a: What is the other word for add? And what is the homophone for it? The answer would be the first equation + the homophone + the second equation + the homophone. All in one word. [Hidden Hints for Level 50: You will need me later: point with Jim K L]

Level 48b: Google the statement and you should know what kind of statement it is. Start with letter "I". And what you will call it generally if you have a bone fracture? Start with "I" as well. See the plus sign? It means you should "add the first 'I' to the second 'I'". [Hidden Hints for Level 50: You will need me later: I'm in WedZax]

Level 49a: Every trick has a simple solution, a simple answer, a simple boat. What is a simple boat? Check the first alphabet in every line. [Hidden Hints for Level 50: You will need me later: what comes next? B C D E G ...]

Level 49b: Answer is in singular. Look into the bolded words. "What am I, took in hand, and snicker-snack its head, and flame whiffling wood." [Hidden Hints for Level 50: You will need me later: what arises once in a year, twice in a week and never in a month.]

Level 50a, 50b: Both Level 50a and 50b are the same except the hidden hints. Level 50a hidden hints is: "You may need me now: a", while Level 50b hidden hints is: "You may need me now: 2". You need to figure out the rest of the 4 hints given in the previous levels in order to get another 4 more alphabets. Unscramble all 5 alphabets and the number to get into the next level. Now you have "a" and "2". Hints from 48a and 48b is not what you see, but where your fingers lay. Hints from 49a required you to read them out to find the similarity of each alphabet in order to get the next alphabet. Since every hint expecting an alphabet, you should be able to get 49b easily.

Phase 1 End: Look for the white color text to reach Level 51.

Level 51: You need to remove one character at a time at the same time the remaining word will still remain meaningful. For instance: THIS > HIS > IS > I and your answer will be according the sequence of alphabet you remove, in this case will be THSI

Level 52: Same as Level 51, but harder. Starts with "S" ends with "A" :)

Level 53: As you can see, there are 10 stripes in the image which you need to rearrange them to form word. Stripe 1 is mark as location 1, stripe 5 mark as location 7, and stripe 10 mark as location 10. Save this image, put in MS Paint, open up MS Word, insert a table with 1 column and 10 rows. Cut the image from MS Paint and place accordingly into the table. You should have 1, 7, and 10 in place. The remaining 7 stripes are for you to play around. Notice stripe 4 and 6 are the same, which only have 1 red box in the stripe, this should give you some idea where it supposed to be in place. I got the answer after I place stripe 4/6 at the correct row :p If you still can't get it, look for the white text, the answer is right in front of you. What are you looking at now? Not monitor nor screen. Is Picture Element.

Level 53 Bonus: Get the idea from the instruction? There are 7 alphabets in this puzzle: U (Up), D (Down), W (West), E (East), N (North), S (South), and X (Stopping Point). Instruction is pretty simple, if you hit on U or D, skip one box for landing. If you hit on W, E, N, S, land on the adjacent box instead. While reaching the "X", you shall have a pattern which spells you out the answer. The answer is definately nothing you can see in the boxes.

Level 54: Ignore first set of numbers and the diagram. Convert the second set of numbers into wordings and arrange it vertically. Got the pattern? Apply it on the set of alphabets to get the answer.

Level 55: This is simple. Just add the numbers vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Just add up 3 numbers will do, not all :)

Level 56: There're white text in this page. Ignore those statement in red. The number is not 666, and you can see this number in error page, but is out of order. So try your luck then.

Level 57: Think you know the pattern again? Is not what your eyes can see, is where you fingers lay.

Level 58: You need to follow the instruction and you shall get the answer with ease.

Level 59: Every line has a key term which represent a score in a game. Try to search what "Two Fat Ladies" mean and you shall get the game we are looking for. Add up all 5 scores and you shall get the final answer.

Level 60: If you realize, the answer is in time format, without the colon. All I can say is Jane gives a QUARTER of cake TO TWO men. Any idea what the time is?

Level 61: If you notice the name of the image, you should know what number system it is referring. Change 51 6 500 according to the number system and it will produce the answer. The answer has 5 letters.

Level 62: What is the difference between the 2 images in terms of file type?

Level 63: What is the color of the text? What come after this color? Follow the arrangement of the 7 colors :)

Level 64: Simple. 2 zeroes = hundred, 3 zeroes = thousand, 6 zeroes = million, 100 zeroes = ? Google it out, you really need to GOOGLE it out. :)

Level 65: You need to print them out, cut them out, and then fold them in the line between so that you have a paper with double sided (front and back). Next, follow the number on the line to get the folding sequence, make sure you fold it towards you. If you can see line from the other side forming up with the line in the side you are facing, then you are on the right track.

Level 66: The rule is very simple, you need to replace one alphabet at a time to form a new word. The replaced alphabet will not be replaced anymore in the new lines. The answer starts with 'B'.

Level 67: Heard of ROT13? You need to know ROT10 instead to decypher the encrypted statement. It is a question asking about the bird, but the answer is not part of the bird.

Level 68: This is similar with Level 66 but harder and replaced letter can be replace again in the next level. Start with WAITS > replace 3rd letter > replace 4th letter > replace 2nd letter > replace 1st letter > replace 5th letter > replace 5th letter > TIGER

Level 69: This is Kakuro, which you must know how the rules in order to solve the puzzle. The highlighted numbers are the answer. 2nd and 3rd numbers are the same.

Level 70: This level is not easy. There are 3 equations which you need to solve by using the given 4 operators. After you get the equation correct, remove all the numbers and convert the operators into the respective alphabet. Check on the white text what alphabet each operator stands for. Note that the equal sign will be counted as one alphabet as well, and don't forget about the "the". Your answer should be look something like:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (1st line, 2 words) [All 4 operators are used]
_ _ (2nd line) [You should know which one to use]
_ _ _ _ (4th line) [3 operators are used. No repeated operators used]
Join them up in a word and you shall be able to get to Level 71.

Level 71: This is a nonogram which you need to solve in order to figure out the answer. You may need to know the rules of nonogram, or you may get a solver for you as a fast track. Try this: After you solve the nonogram, you shall get a symbol, from a kind of flag. This kind of flag strongly related to Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. Just describe what you see from the nonogram and you shall be able to pass, the answer has four words and sum of 18 letters like this:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S (last word is plural, join all 4 words up to get to the next level)

Level 72: If you notice the white text, it says that a kid will get this correct. Let's make this simple. There are 5 diagrams in total, each one with 7 columns. Kindly ignore the first 4 columns in each diagram because you don't need them actually. All you need is just the 3 remaining columns at the back. Look into the 5 diagrams as a transition, as you can see the 'X' eventually moved downwards at the last 2 columns. This is a hint to a children song that you supposed to look into. The 'X' represent a human body part. The number that replaced by 'X' means the amount that we have for this body part and the row simply means the location of this body part. What do we have only 1 on top of us? What do we have in 2 below the previous mentioned body part? What do have 2 again further below? And what do we have in 10 at the lowest part. The combination of the 4 body parts is the name of the song. Get the lyrics of the song and you shall see that there are more body parts mentioning in the verse. The answer is the body part that represented by the red '2'. It looks hard but it is simple if you get the lyrics.

Level 73: There're 9 pictures in this level. SHY and SLY is given and you need to figure out the rest of the 7 words that represented by the pictures. All of them have something in common which is having no vowel in the word. The white color text will tell you how many letter each picture is expecting to be the answer and the # is the letter that you need to extract out to unscramble it and form the final answer, which is also without a vowel. Guess the last picture in every line is the hardest to guess.
Line 1: Musical nodes - 7 letters expected but is a plural so it ends with "S", 6 more letters for you to go.
Line 2: Interior with pillars - A place where dead people held. 5 letters.
Line 3: Crawling lady - She's a fortune teller. 5 letters.

Level 74: This is easy. The answer is the two letters and the letters are the same. Write in capital.

Level 75: This is not hard as well. What are the 4 things? What they have in common, the answer will be the common and no rearrange is needed. Just hit it.

Level 75 Bonus: This is pretty simple as well. It simply means that you need to place the 8 numbers accordingly into the boxes but consecutive numbers should not stick together in any mean (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally). Look at the white text to find out what is the expected answer. I found 2 possible answers for this and both lead me to the end :)

Phase 2 End: Look for the white color text to reach Level 76.

Level 76: First and foremost, you should know what is the meaning of majusclues and minusclues, then what is the total by adding up both majusclues and minusclues. Sames goes to adding up spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. Also, what is the number of weeks in a year. By having these 3 answers, you should know what is the number you are looking for. Join up the dots (2 dots) that can produce the number you get when these 2 dots added up together. Eventually you will get more than one possibilities, and by getting all the possibilities, it forms the final answer.

Level 77: Look closely and you notice the puzzle is actually Albert Einstein. You need to number each puzzle piece according to the numbers given and then unscramble them. After you solve the puzzle, you should have a 3 x 3 number square. And the answer is within. If you know what is magic square, you should able to solve this.

Level 78: The question is looking for an animal. Very straight forward hint is that the animal looks like what it shown in the picture. However if you want to know exactly how to get the answer, it actually encrypted with the word "cheesecake", and you need the clue given in every line to decrypt "cheesecake". Look closely and each line shall tell you to use which word to replace the word within "cheesecake".

Level 79: There are five shapes and six numbers. Basically you need to spell out the name of each shape and you shall see how they were arranged. The first shape is "Star" and the last shape is "Rectangle". Soon after you get the pattern, just apply it to the numbers. Don't forget to look at the white color text, it is a really good hint.

Level 80: Check out the white color text and do exactly what it says, with certain trick. You should notice some of the lines are rather weird because they were broken. Join them up so they can reform back into a normal straight line and you will get the answer once done.

Level 81: The answer is a game piece. First and foremost you must know what is the common name for Apis Cerana and Ovis Aeris. Both common names can be pronounce as one letter. Once you know what is Apis Cerana is, "reflect" it to get the first letter before the given letter "A". Next, you must find another name that represent the common name for Ovis Aeris. Since it come twice, so you need to join the 2 letters together in order to get the letter after "A". Lastly, "reflect" again the letter that you get from Ovis Aeris to get the last letter. Total 4 letters including "A".

Level 82: If you read clearly, the lines are actually telling you to extract one letter each from all the six pictures and join them up to form the final answer. Hence, you must know what the six pictures are. The first picture is something that we usually add in our food, the second picture is a food by itself, the third picture is a living being, the fourth picture is a fruit, the fifth picture is something that sometime we can find from an animal, and the sixth picture is a type food.

Level 83: Check out the equation and the white color text and you will surely know you need a table to get the answer. However it is not as easy as adding up all the figures, there's no calculation involve actually. Try to highlight every term on the table and you should know what are you actually looking for.

Level 84: Well, if you used to stereogram, you should have no problem at all solving this.

Level 85: From the white color text, it tells you that the answer comes with 3 letter. Well, the picture is like a maze and it indicates that you should start with the letter "W". From the letter "W" you can form a question all the way to the letter "S" at the most right with all letters in the maze fully used. By answering the question, you will get the answer. Google is very helpful.

Level 86: What a nice story telling in this level. However try to focus what is the message given within the statements. Each line will form a word and by combining the six words you get from all the six lines, you will get a question. By answering this question you will get the answer. Google is very helpful.

Level 87: Well, this level is a bit complicated without proper "give away" hints. Firstly, the white color text says something about the answer. The answer is an object that similar with what you see in the image, in terms of color and shape. However, in order for you to build the answer (object) physically, you need to know something about the white color text. Try to Google out the shape, color, and the keyword to hunt for the answer.

Level 88: This one is pretty direct. Check out the white color text for instruction. Then convert the symbols into numbers, then from numbers convert them into letters (we did this a lot of time in Zahada before), then you should able to get 2 words from it. From the 2 words you can actually simplify it into one word as the description of these 2 words. Viola!

Level 89: There are a series of numbers given, and the white color text already given the hint clearly. It is a must to use a numerical keypad to get the answer unless you know where to find the answer directly from the net. Each number represent a character/symbol and by joining them up you should know what is the final answer looking for. If you are still confuse, try to get this smiley

Level 90: What you can see is only 3 red spots, and you will never find the answer in the page. Drag the image to MS Paint and fill the background with other color and the answer shall reveal. Brilliant.

Level 91: Well, this level is quite obvious but you need to know what each item represent. A very good give away hint located at

Level 92: All the given words share one same feature, which is they are the words that can defined themselves respectively or is self referential. What do you call these words?

Level 93: This level is rather simpler than the previous level. The answer is very obvious.

Level 94: All the images given in this level are rebus. However you just need to focus on the 3rd image. How you describe the last 3 alphabets given in the 3rd image is the answer for this level.

Level 95: By checking the white color text you should know this level is talking about rhyme. Each animal shown in the picture is place in an item or location and the answer is where the last animal located. The last animal or perhaps insect is not a grasshopper, it is something else.

Level 96: The white color text tells you what are you supposed to look for. Check out the image, it represents the answer.

Level 97: As the white color text tells, the 3 items are all the same. What is the object that use to shows time, to be a little more precise.

Level 98: Well, this seems to be much more easier than expected. Just make it plural on the last image in the line.

Level 99: Just type in the only thing you see in the page.

Level 100: The three images shown at the left column are not bowel but colon. Try to Google out what colon actually means other than intestine. Then what usually people nowadays use colon for, especially in messaging.

Level 100 Bonus: Solve the equation and you will get some alphabets. Reshuffle them to get the answer. Just as what the white color text said, simplify and eat.


  1. Pls can u help me zahada lvl 94? (if you have completed?) I see funny photos,the white text says the odd one out, the photo name is rebustimesfour ,the title is lvl94 & there's no comments!

  2. Actually I'm still pondering on this level :p will update this blog once I get it.

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  4. Finally got past 94!!! website- , post no. 166 - 175

  5. Yup... got it too. Really something.. :x

  6. Gray, could you post hints for 97? In case youre stuck: Level 95: They're homophones. Level 96: Read the White text. 5 letters. Thanks!

  7. 95 - post 161
    96 - ,

  8. We have done 97, now stuck at 100!

    97 - They're all the same. Two on a clock, a counting method, and poker.
    98 - Lewis Caroll. Spell 'em out
    99 - So what DO you see?


  9. 96- The third rebus has no border while the others has
    98- I, pi, pie, pipe, piper, ?

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  11. Still pondering.... Dexter you got the answer already?

  12. This has been a terrific resource! Thanks for putting it out there Gray!

  13. Most welcome guys. Time to continue with the "Alchemy"...

  14. All you need to do is join up lines that with the same color (e.g. red to red, yellow to yellow, and etc). By the time you are done, you shall see the answer. The answer is the lines that you use to join up the lines.

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  15. This has been an excellent site for helping this puzzle fanatic. You give just the right amount of guidance without giving the game away.
    However am really stuck on 87!
    jeanne quayle

  16. Google for "(a), (b), (c)"
    (a) the shape that you see in the image
    (b) the color of it
    (c) the white color text

    By combining the 3 together in a single Google search and you are very close to the answer

  17. what is the answer for 79? I still got the crayfish level, just with different text than level 78 :/

    1. Hi Phee, I don't really get you, you are stuck in level 79 or 78? In level 79 you should see 5 different shapes not some kind of crayfish level :)

  18. In level 22 I did and got 17, is my math wrong?

    1. I tried that too, you're not far off (also do not spell out the number, just type in the digits).

  19. Try this riddle!

  20. what's a solidus? / doesn't work

  21. Actually, there's an easy way to find the answer to level 53 bonus. It's in the image's name. :D
    (I used Right Click + "View Page Source").

  22. Hello, I hope you still monitor this page as it seems I'm very late to the party :)
    Can you give any more hints on level 83? My brain is mushy, I've been working on these riddles for two days now (at work hah). I'm sure it's way easier than I'm making it out to be...thank you!!

  23. Hi Lyndsey, sorry for the late late late reply. For any help you guys need without delay, you may email me at please also send me the link of the page that you stuck on so I can work along with you on the solution. Solved this long time need to see the actual level to refresh my mind.

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  27. what type of code do you use for 88?